Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amir Izwan and Ameerah Mardhiyah

(You can print this and bring it to your boarding school if you want to)

I hope you guys are reading this, because this post came straight from my heart. I am surely gonna miss the both of you. You guys are supercool and awesome and fun.

Amir, when you go to that alam shah school. Please don't turn into a homosexual person, just like puan afidah said. Find new good and nice friends, not the stupid and bad and gay friends. Study hard and take care of yourself. Becareful of stupid and mean friends, because they can burn your feet when you're sleeping at night. Take good care of Solihin. Yea, you always scold me a lot. So what? You're still supercool. I really enjoyed making a video of you that day. About the Amir Izwan Show, starring Amir Izwan. Haha. I absolutely love it. Thanks for eating with me during the prefects brake. Looks like I have to eat with the other prefects instead when you're gone. Thank you for giving me support and giving me confidential information about that "girl". You are a supercool spy that does'nt know when to quit.

Mea, I really really want you to hang up my prefect tag on your cabinet in your school's dorm. So that the other girls in your dorm will be jealous of you. They will be like, "eh mea! sape faris aiman yang sgt hensem ni??". But sadly, you have to return my tag tomorrow. I absolutely like fighting with you in arabics class in front of ustazah rodziah last year. I absolutely love it when i sulk at you. then, i'm the one who has to confront you. I love making the Ameerah Mardhiyah Show, starring Ameerah Mardhiyah, it was a blast. I love teasing and making fun of you. And i presume you have been mad at me before because of that, without me thinking about your feelings, therefore, i am sorry for what i've done.


You two are supercool friends. To be honest, I just absolutely love it when you guys laugh at my stupid jokes. For that, thank you so much for laughing. With both of you laughing at my stupid jokes all the time. You guys have made me feel better and i feel appreciated. Thank you for making me feel that way.

I also love taking pictures with you guys. I love making crazy faces with you guys and putting it up into myspace or facebook. I'm gonna miss taking pictures with both of you.

Thank you for all the moments, laughter, and joy you guys have given me and the others. We will absolutely miss the two of you and you guys too will also miss us.
I will pray for your success in your new environment and i hope you too will pray for us.

Distance Apart But Never In The Heart.
Forever and Always.

your friend,
Faris Aiman


meyh said...

Faris, u are a wonderful friend:)
i'm gonna miss eating with u:)
laughing with u:D
acting like i were mad at u..
spying for u:)and
help u ..ahaha
thanks 4 everything:)
i'll pray for ur success

Anonymous said...

lagi sedih sial aku baca blog kau

as smile :) said...

sedeyy... alaa x pelaa diorang pergi jauh untuk mencari ilmu.. kan di redhai allah?