Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Fat Loser

Ok, this is how it goes. First of all, life after pmr is boring, seriously. and sometimes i don't go to school cause it's so boring. sikit2 pingpong, sikit2 pingpong. but, staying at home is also kinda boring. you wake up in the morning, you sit there on your couch in front of your tv while eating candy and drinking fizzy drinks and then you go to sleep. you wake up and it's still 11.30 in the morning. you decided to go to sleep. you wake up again, go down stairs , open the refrigerator grab some a nescafe mocha and a bread, enter your room, play video games, until your head starts to spin around. then you go sit on your couch again, open the television, watch whatever is on, you start feeling drowzy, the you go to sleep again!! you also open your myspace, facebook, blogger, twitter, and whatever accounts you have. and then some lousy, crazy, weirdo person wants to add you on myspace!! dammit, I feel like a big fat loser. you do this thing over and over again until the next thing you know you increased your body weight until 5KG and your brain starts to turn into orange and your cheeks are getting fatter and fatter!!


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